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出演者: Stephanie  Dorian Del Isla  Ricky Mancini  Megan Rain  Jessica  Cassie Del Isla  Alexa Tomas  Apolonia Lapiedra  Kristof Cale  Priscilla  Alberto Blanco  Rose Valerie  Lisa  Ania Kinski  Emilio Ardana  Lea  Allison  Adrian Dimas  Akim  Charline  Christelle  Denis  Elodie  Emmanuel  Florence  Florent  Helder  Jean Brice  Kevin  Laureen  Lelio  Madelaine-Advenier  Mina Sauvage  Nadege  Philippe Soine  Sebastien  Yoann   
メーカー: Marc Dorcel
品番: md-82718
配信開始日: 2017-11-09
minutes: 0/d minutes
お気に入り登録数: 4883

Certainly one of the most spectacular productions in European adult movie history! Vasquez rules without contest over the merciless world of drug dealers. With the help of his wife Megan, he does everything to make his business grow. Violence, perversity, lust, everything gives him the feeling of being invincible! The problem is that his overconfidence might turn against him. Mina, his partner's young and sensual wife, has been living under Vasquez's protection since the police arrested her husband. Convinced that Vasquez betrayed him, Mina swore that she would do anything to get him out of prison and back at the head of the organization. Led by her desire of vengeance, Mina will submit herself to all the deprivations that will enable her to reach her goal. Whether it's filling Megan's sexual frustration to win her confidence, or even offering her body to a lustful policeman to prove her desire to collaborate, nothing will break her determination...
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